By Mary N. DiZazzo

Annual Pool Bag Necessities 2019

Ciao bella,

Now if the weather will get warmer, we should start getting our Pool/Beach totes ready. So important to be prepared for lovely summer days! No stress ... just lounging on your lawn chair for fun in the sun.

So our Cabana is fully stocked ... and so is the Tiki Bar thatís in it. We splurged on a Cadillac of a grill and weíre ready for summer! Herb Garden is all planted so we can enjoy Mint in our iced tea, Basil in our salads, and Rosemary for our grilled meats!

Are you ready? Is your Pool/Beach tote ready?

Here are a few items to keep things going smooth.

1) Sunscreen is number one for protection from the sun. SPF 30 with limited exposure.

2) Hats are great sun protection. Some have sunscreen built in.

3) Water to stay hydrated throughout the day. A frozen water bottle will last the whole afternoon.

4) Sunglasses are a must ... eye protection and fashionable. I must own over 35 pairs!

5) Towels ... I need a few to stay comfortable.

6) Lip Sunscreen for added protection for those kissable lips!

7) A Cover up for after a full session of sun or cool breezes.

8) Towelettes are handy to freshen up! A New product thatís out is ďbusy Beauty Showerless Body WipesĒ Tried and true from me to you! Great after sun bathing for a quick clean feel.

9) Pack of tissues to wipe away whatever!

10) Hair brush/comb to touch up and refresh the do!

11) Insect Repellent for the beach bums. Iíve yet to see a mosquito by the pool.

So my Glamazons thatís it for today. Live, laugh, and love everyday and savor the summer thatís finally here

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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