By Mary N. DiZazzo


Ciao bella,

Sophia Loren
I have a brilliant and most creative friend that I have invited as a guest columnist. The subject Aging Gracefully is well at hand. Enjoy!

Recently, my dear friend, Artist and Writer John De Vito, and I discussed the idea of celebrating growing older with grace and style. This inspired him to write the poem TO THE OLDER, WISER & MORE BEAUTIFUL YOU, which I now wish to share with all of you, dear reader. If you’d like to see some of John’s artwork, he is having an art show OSCAR DIVAS WITH A “SPLASH,” October 1st – 31st at GALLERY Z, 167 Market Street, Lowell, Mass. (978-692-5040). The show celebrates several great Academy Award-winning actresses.

Therefore, I feature one of the pieces from the show: Oscar Diva Sophia Loren in the film "TWO WOMEN" (1961). The legendary Ms. Loren is also featured in the poem below.


Yes, We’re all Getting Older.
But, That’s Life, isn’t It True?
And besides, whatever else can We Do?

It doesn’t really matter how much
We Might Nip, Lift, Puff, or Tuck-It-All-Up.
The Reality is: With Growing Older, Baby,
We are All Stuck.

O, but don’t You See, That in The End,
It’s All in The Game?
So what really matters is how Well We Play
The Game without Shame.

So then, here’s some Advice, I Give You for Free.
And I Sincerely do Hope, It Helps You
The Way It has Me:

Look to Some Aging Role Model & Let Her Be
Your Guide;
Let her Show You The Way to Stay, Vital, Age
Beautifully, Gracefully & Above All Else, Wise.
Now doesn’t that Make Excellence Sense?

A Trio of Role Models I Think who can Point The Way
Are Three Legendary Actresses.
And All are Classy, Beautiful & Active
to This Very Day:

They’re - SOPHIA LOREN (Age 86),
MIRREN (Age 76) - That’s Our Focus.
Clearly, what they all have in Common is,

Beauty, Talent & The Attainment of Tremendous Success.
Going beyond That, It’s Important to Say:
All Three are Europeans,

Deeply Connected to The History & Civility of
The Old World,

Which Means They’re Not So Obsessed with
Looking Forever like a Malibu- Beach-Bunny-Girl.

Yes, They have Grown Older, Stayed Beautiful,
Sexy & kept Making Movies all Along.
And each Woman in Her Own Way,
Has Remained Totally True to Herself &
Awesomely Strong.

While it is True, They’ve had Some “Work” Done,
You Get the Feeling that Most Skillful Work
Happened Not Out in Beverly Hills, but rather,
Under the Radiance of The European Sun.
For there in Europe,

It Seems Plastic Surgeons Look for Inspiration
From Classical- Art The Glory of Antiquity.
Instead of -like here in America-where The Ideal
seems to be a Formaldehyde Pickled Plastic Barbie.

And so, Before I Go, Allow Me to Say
That I Hope I’ve Given You Good Food for Thought,
Hopefully, To Make You Think, Make You Ponder,
To Face The Fiercest Storms &
Fear No Lightening or Thunder.

And so, on Those Nights, You Might Suddenly Rise
To Face The Real Fact That
You’re Growing Older. Please, Do Realize:
Yes, You’re Getting Older, but so what?
You can Still Keep It Classy, Beautiful, Vital, Sexy,
And Above All Else! — Fiercely & Fabulously Wise.

John De Vito

Buona Giornata and God Bless the USA!

Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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